“I Won’t Accept a Child Dying!”

Congenital Heart Disease

Reader’s Digest magazine influenced my life – twice.

In 1977, with a story about a living God.  A heart surgeon named Denton Cooley.  He was glamorous, a pioneer and entrepreneur.  Operated on princes, presidents and prime ministers.  In all, over 75,000 operations.  Founded the world-famous Texas Heart Institute in Houston.

I wanted to be like him.

A 1989 issue I read during my medical internship featured a neurosurgeon named Tom Peters.  One sentence in his interview remains burned into my mind:

“I don’t accept children dying.”

This time, I didn’t just *want* to be like him.


I too won’t accept a child dying.  I made myself a promise.

Anything… ANYTHING that is within my power to prevent it happening, I will do.

= = = = =

1989 was the year I grew up.

When I realized – and accepted – that life is unfair.

1989 was when a 22-year old held my hand as his life ebbed away

1989 was when I lost a loved 8-year old niece to an untreatable kidney ailment

1989 was when I watched helplessly as a teenager succumbed to a terrible severe viral infection.

It hurt.  Terribly.  Deeply.

And proved beyond doubt that life isn’t fair.

But that’s alright.

We just need to tweak the odds – in our favor.

That’s what technological advances, evolution – indeed survival itself – is all about.

Tweaking the odds in our favor.

= = = = =

A child’s life is precious.  VERY precious.

It’s loss – crushing.  Mind numbing.

It may be Nature’s law – but I don’t like it.  Never will.

I will NOT accept a child dying.

Many forms of congenital heart disease make survival impossible… unless they’re repaired.

That’s one reason I became a pediatric heart surgeon.  Apart from the challenge, the technical, intellectual and emotional puzzles that the specialty poses its practitioners.

The latter, sadly, creates unemotional automatons who get caught up in their craft, forgetting or ignoring the human element.  The stress, the pain, the helplessness associated with the problem.

And the staggering cost.

Most CHD families cannot afford the expense.  Even when they know it’s the only way to save their child’s life.

Heart birth defects have a unique social dimension.  Young families, just starting out on their careers and settling down, with little if any financial cushion, suddenly are confronted with a daunting choice…

Raise the money (often paralyzingly huge sums), else watch your child suffer – or worse.

Most of my work online aims to tackle this facet of a complex problem.  I can (and do) deal with the medical and emotional elements.  But alone, I can’t help with the financial ones.

That’s why I need YOUR help.

The children do.

Thanks to the heartwarming generous outpouring from a group of amazing folks, more than 100 children have been treated.  They will live long, healthy, happy lives.

But there are many more waiting.

Waiting for you and me.

Together, we can save more lives.

You’ll help make a difference.  You are special.  And I’m honored to call you my friend.

Thank you – from my heart!

Together, let’s save many more little lives.

4 Ways You Can Help Fight CHD

Help Fight CHD

I’m Dr.Mani. Author. Heart surgeon. Fund raiser.

Writing, fund raising and content marketing have helped me sponsor expensive, life-saving surgery for over 100 under-privileged children with congenital heart disease (CHD).

Over 14 years, several thousand people have helped in this venture. Some donated money. Others generously spared their time and energy. By helping spread the message to many people, we made magic happen. We touched and impacted the future of many children.

Together, we saved lives.

As word spreads and more people join us, we can help many more children. Just in my State alone, an estimated 40 THOUSAND children await treatment for heart defects. Most families cannot afford to pay for this expensive surgery – even when they know it is life-saving.

  • Why should you care?
  • What can you do?
  • How can you help?

Before getting into more detail, here’s a promise. It won’t take much time. It won’t cost money. It won’t be difficult.

And it will help save a child’s life!

Ok, let me briefly recap what’s already happened.

The unusual combination of a heart surgeon who uses the Internet and his writing to raise money to sponsor a child’s treatment at first interested, and then inspired, many people who have heard the story.

Some stories were ‘event based’ and centered around CHD Awareness Day (February 14th every year), the Heart Kids Blogathon (where I blogged non-stop for 24 hours to raise awareness about CHD), or the ‘Save a Child’s Heart’ firesale. Others were ‘activity based’ and grew around my writing and fund raising efforts.

The conversation happened online – on discussion forums and blogs, via email and private messages, and on social media. It extended offline – to conversations at seminars and workshops, client or partner discussions, and even family chats.

As more people talked about it, more people joined the “Dr.Mani Network” to help save a child’s life.

What happened next?

MAGIC! Absolute magic.

As a result, over 100 children have now been operated for life-threatening congenital heart defects from funds raised through donations, and royalties from my book sales.

By joining us and extending the reach of this message of CHD awareness, YOU will help many more children who are waiting for a miracle to save their lives.

How can you do this?


Maybe you already have a blog, or can get one going. Add your voice to the discussion. Post a message about CHD awareness from time to time. Share your thoughts and views on children fighting this deadly disease. Invite friends and family to help.


On social media, news spreads far and wide – almost instantly. By sharing this with your contacts on Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest, Google+ or any other network, a child whose family is desperate for support may find an answer to their earnest prayer.


If you own a website, blog or other online asset, you could link to the CHD Awareness website at http://www.CHDinfo.com – and even introduce the Dr.Mani Children Heart Foundation and the work we do, so that more people are encouraged to join and support us.


Know a child with CHD who might need help? Tell us at the Foundation. No, we may not be able to help everyone (we’re just not that big or resourceful)… but we’ll try our very best.

And if you know someone who wants to sponsor a child’s treatment, your introduction could save a life and make a huge difference to a child’s future.

That’s Why YOU Truly Matter In This Challenge

Everything that YOU do extends and expands the conversation. In our digitally connected universe, YOU are a newscaster, an influencer and a thought leader.

YOU can use your reach and network to
spread word about CHD awareness.

Fresh audiences around the world will hear about CHD through you, discover how they can help, and choose to make a difference. If just ONE person learns about this through you every day, in a year you’ll spread the message to over THREE HUNDRED people!

Yes. You have the power.

You can change the world – and make meaning.

Starting right now.

Words can change lives. Or save a child’s heart.

It doesn’t take a huge effort. You don’t have to spend a fortune.

All you need is persistence. Passion. And the desire to help a child from a family that’s less fortunate than you.

Thank you from my heart – for caring, and sharing.

Together, let’s save many more little lives.

Buy a Book – Save a Life

In 2010, I published a book. It was called:

47 HEARTS : How To Live Your Dream Life – With Passion, Purpose & Persistence

Within a week, it went on to become an Amazon.com HOT 100 best-seller, thanks to the support of an army of readers, fans and well-wishers – all of them a part of the Dr.Mani Network.

Why did they pitch in?

Well, I could claim that it was because the book is transformational and fantastic (which it really is!) – but the fact is that everyone was eager to see it become a hit…

Because ALL PROFITS Went To Charity!

To fund heart surgery for under-privileged children.

“47 HEARTS” was not my first book. Nor was it the first time my content marketing was used for fund raising. In fact, the book itself was named “47 HEARTS” to celebrate the 47th surgery sponsored by the Dr.Mani Children Heart Foundation – and to share my dreams for our future growth.

A growth that is only possible with YOUR help and support!

About “47 HEARTS”, the book

47 Hearts

47 Hearts – How To Live Your Dreams

“47 Hearts” is about dreams. Your dreams. And mine.

“47 Hearts” will show you how to take charge of your life, pursue all your dreams, and find deep, soul-satisfying happiness… by sharing 47 powerful axioms.

Hundreds of readers love its simple message – of hope and possibility. Here’s what a few of them had to say:

“Dr. Mani’s new book is a GEM. Actually, let me correct it – every page in the book is a GEM” – Rajesh Setty, Entrepreneur, Author & Speaker

“A system for making a real difference in the world. Everyone needs to read and practice “47 Ways.” – Roger Carr, Everyday Giving

“…the key to opening the door to all of our dreams: 47 steps to live by to achieve anything we want.” – Martin Avis, Kickstart Daily

“A shot-in-the-arm for anyone who needs a little reminder about the meaning & purpose behind the daily grind.” – Cheryl Antier

Now, you can pick up a copy of “47 HEARTS” from Amazon.com for less than five dollars. (In fact, if you’re a member of the Dr.Mani Network and want to read a copy, I’ll even gift you a digital version for free!)

The 47 powerful lessons, shared as bite-sized snippets, easy to read and remember, are worth so much more.

But no, “47 HEARTS” was never intended to be a ‘money maker’ – except in the sense that I hoped to raise funds to sponsor some more surgeries.

  • The real purpose was to share my passionate purpose with as many readers as possible – including YOU.
  • To infuse you with a sense of energy and excitement about following your heart.
  • To show you how much more eventful, thrilling and remarkable your life could be… if you decide to make meaning.
  • To share some precious, hard-earned lessons and messages, to keep you inspired and motivated through the ups and downs of living your dreams.

That’s why I wrote “47 HEARTS”. And if you see the testimonials and reviews – here and here and here – you’ll see that I’ve accomplished that goal.


There’s ANOTHER reason “47 HEARTS” is important today. And that’s as a fund raising device. To help sponsor more heart operations for under-privileged children.

Many people from all over the world have expressed an interest in donating money to our Dr.Mani Children Heart Foundation.

We deeply appreciate and respect your desire to help a child live.

However, due to complex Indian government regulations about receiving donations in foreign currency, our Foundation can only accept contributions greater than $2,500 by check.

So, how about others?

We’ve put together a set of Limited Edition collectibles of my “47 HEARTS” book.

When you contribute to the Foundation by buying a copy of “47 HEARTS”, you will receive an exclusive edition of the best-selling book which is personalized with the story of a child whose heart surgery was sponsored through donations like yours.

Collectible editions are sold in strictly limited quantities, making them a truly precious and rare possession. Once an edition is sold out, it will never be reprinted again.

Members of the Dr.Mani Network are eligible to buy any of the available collectible editions. Everyone else can pick up the regular ebook from Amazon.com. All profits from book/ebook sales will be used to fund heart operations for children.

You can buy a book – and save a life!

Together, let’s save many more little lives.