Buy a Book – Save a Life

In 2010, I published a book. It was called:

47 HEARTS : How To Live Your Dream Life – With Passion, Purpose & Persistence

Within a week, it went on to become an HOT 100 best-seller, thanks to the support of an army of readers, fans and well-wishers – all of them a part of the Dr.Mani Network.

Why did they pitch in?

Well, I could claim that it was because the book is transformational and fantastic (which it really is!) – but the fact is that everyone was eager to see it become a hit…

Because ALL PROFITS Went To Charity!

To fund heart surgery for under-privileged children.

“47 HEARTS” was not my first book. Nor was it the first time my content marketing was used for fund raising. In fact, the book itself was named “47 HEARTS” to celebrate the 47th surgery sponsored by the Dr.Mani Children Heart Foundation – and to share my dreams for our future growth.

A growth that is only possible with YOUR help and support!

About “47 HEARTS”, the book

47 Hearts

47 Hearts – How To Live Your Dreams

“47 Hearts” is about dreams. Your dreams. And mine.

“47 Hearts” will show you how to take charge of your life, pursue all your dreams, and find deep, soul-satisfying happiness… by sharing 47 powerful axioms.

Hundreds of readers love its simple message – of hope and possibility. Here’s what a few of them had to say:

“Dr. Mani’s new book is a GEM. Actually, let me correct it – every page in the book is a GEM” – Rajesh Setty, Entrepreneur, Author & Speaker

“A system for making a real difference in the world. Everyone needs to read and practice “47 Ways.” – Roger Carr, Everyday Giving

“…the key to opening the door to all of our dreams: 47 steps to live by to achieve anything we want.” – Martin Avis, Kickstart Daily

“A shot-in-the-arm for anyone who needs a little reminder about the meaning & purpose behind the daily grind.” – Cheryl Antier

Now, you can pick up a copy of “47 HEARTS” from for less than five dollars. (In fact, if you’re a member of the Dr.Mani Network and want to read a copy, I’ll even gift you a digital version for free!)

The 47 powerful lessons, shared as bite-sized snippets, easy to read and remember, are worth so much more.

But no, “47 HEARTS” was never intended to be a ‘money maker’ – except in the sense that I hoped to raise funds to sponsor some more surgeries.

  • The real purpose was to share my passionate purpose with as many readers as possible – including YOU.
  • To infuse you with a sense of energy and excitement about following your heart.
  • To show you how much more eventful, thrilling and remarkable your life could be… if you decide to make meaning.
  • To share some precious, hard-earned lessons and messages, to keep you inspired and motivated through the ups and downs of living your dreams.

That’s why I wrote “47 HEARTS”. And if you see the testimonials and reviews – here and here and here – you’ll see that I’ve accomplished that goal.


There’s ANOTHER reason “47 HEARTS” is important today. And that’s as a fund raising device. To help sponsor more heart operations for under-privileged children.

Many people from all over the world have expressed an interest in donating money to our Dr.Mani Children Heart Foundation.

We deeply appreciate and respect your desire to help a child live.

However, due to complex Indian government regulations about receiving donations in foreign currency, our Foundation can only accept contributions greater than $2,500 by check.

So, how about others?

We’ve put together a set of Limited Edition collectibles of my “47 HEARTS” book.

When you contribute to the Foundation by buying a copy of “47 HEARTS”, you will receive an exclusive edition of the best-selling book which is personalized with the story of a child whose heart surgery was sponsored through donations like yours.

Collectible editions are sold in strictly limited quantities, making them a truly precious and rare possession. Once an edition is sold out, it will never be reprinted again.

Members of the Dr.Mani Network are eligible to buy any of the available collectible editions. Everyone else can pick up the regular ebook from All profits from book/ebook sales will be used to fund heart operations for children.

You can buy a book – and save a life!

Together, let’s save many more little lives.